Wot panther m10 matchmaking

Panther m10 = dead team - posted in general discussion: many people think that a top tier panther m10 effectively equals to a dead team the reason for that i believe that wargaming more often than not matches a top tier m10 against one of the heavy tier vii tanks it is particularly common to get m10 vs t29 matches this is absolutely unfair as t29 is a better tank than m10.

109 thoughts on “ panther 88 in the premium shop no need whatsoever for any other crew trainers, but if u r still a glutton for punishment, then there is always the panther/m10 at tier 7 (4025 gold in 2 days) buying all 3 gives u 4 dailies for 1 crew of a german medium for 7400 gold + 3 slots (450-900 gold) or in real money terms, 36. The panther/m10 is a german tier 7 premium medium tank during the preparation of otto skorzeny's panzerbrigade 150 for the ardennes offensive, four panther tanks were disguised as m10 tank destroyers the tank brigade was to carry out diversions deep behind the allied lines all vehicles were lost during the battle with the 120th us.

Is the panther / m10 worth buying if you missed the e25 (selfworldoftanks) submitted 1 year ago by [deleted] it is supposed to be like the e25 with a turret it has high hp but a little less rate of fire would it be at good investment as i am looking for a trainer for my regular panther crew.

Description of skills and perks of the tank crew.

Panther/m10 v 2 - posted in general discussion: i decided to take the plunge and go the panther/m10 i am loving it it takes a few battles to get used to it, but once you know how to use it, its amazing it doesnt earn much money in my opinion its alpha is pretty low but thats really my only complaint ill show you guys some. Premium matchmaking - posted in general discussion: disclaimer: before i start, know that i am not asking for any change to the matchmaker, for premium tanks or otherwise this is simply an inquiry into the criteria for premium matchmaking thank you so, on to the topic ive just gotten my new t34 premium, and im liking it. There is a 5% winrate difference with our imagined god of wot in prefand non-pref match making tanks in the matches they meet the most for we players, such difference could only be more huge, it's harder to carry in tier10 than tier9 obviously.

World of tanks on console — know your war during the ardennes offensive several panthers assigned to panzerbrigade 150 were disguised as m10 wolverine tank destroyers this was a part of a larger operation aimed to cause confusion in the rear of the allied lines on february 1945 disguised panthers encountered the 120th infantry. Tankbowl winners take home the champion panther/m10 and trophy medal the champion panther/m10 epitomizes mobile sniper gameplay: accuracy for taking out targets from afar, and maneuverability for reaching vantage points early and often in wwii, the panther/m10 was disguised to look like an m10 wolverine.

Which premium tanks have enhanced matchmaking - posted in general discussion: simply i would like to know which premium tanks get favorable matchmaking i have a t34 and a lowe and both do get the occasional tier 10 match yet i jus bought a t26e4 which has only to deal with tier 9s i feel its a much better. The panther/m10 is a solid tank along with the fcm 36 pak 40 due to limited matchmaking as well all of these tanks are great premium tanks that don’t cost an arm and a leg, so now is possibly the last chance for you to own them before they are gone.

Premium match making tanks - posted in general discussion: ok i would like to know what tanks for premiums actually have premium matchmaking cause no ware on the site or tank list in the garage does it say what ones have it. Graphical overview of weak points of panther/m10 orange - commander, gunner, loader red - engine, fuel, transmission green - vulnerable zones.

Wot panther m10 matchmaking
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